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exp: 11/13/2019


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Product UPC
Cookies, Sandwich, Chocolate, White Fudge Covered 0004400001473
Snacks, Sundried Tomato & Basil, Family Size! 0004400001619
Crackers, Fudge Covered 0004400002389
Cookies, Sandwich, Golden 0004400002540
Cookies, Sandwich, Chocolate, Mint Creme 0004400002542
Cookies, Sandwich, Chocolate, Chocolate Creme 0004400002529
Cookies, Sandwich, Chocolate, Peanut Butter Creme 0004400002541
Cookies, Sandwich, Chocolate 0004400002854
Cookies, Sandwich, Chocolate, Winter Edition, Red Crème 0004400002859
Cookies, Sandwich, Chocolate, Spring 0004400002860
Cookies, Sandwich, Chocolate 0004400003202
Cookies, Sandwich, Golden 0004400003258
Cookies, Reduced Fat, Sandwich, Chocolate 0004400003259
Cookies, Sandwich, Chocolate, Birthday Cake Flavor Creme 0004400003271
Cookies, Chocolate Sandwich 0004400003323
Cookies, Sandwich, Lemon Creme 0004400003101
Crackers 0004400003111
Crackers 0004400003112
Crackers, Original, Fresh Stacks 0004400003113
Crackers, Roasted Vegetable 0004400003115
Crackers, Honey Wheat 0004400003116
Crackers, Garlic Butter 0004400003117
Crackers, Reduced Fat 0004400003118
Crackers, Hint of Salt 0004400003119
Crackers, Whole Wheat 0004400003133
Crackers, Baked with Whole Wheat 0004400003483
Crackers, Football 0004400003120
Crackers, Snowflake 0004400003123
Cracker Sandwiches, Cheese 0004400003545
Cracker Sandwiches, Peanut Butter 0004400003544
Crackers, Bacon 0004400003786
Cookies, Sandwich, Graham Flavored, S'mores 0004400003946
Cookies, Sandwich, Chocolate 0004400004257
Cookies, Sandwich 0004400004258
Cookies, Sandwich, Chocolate, Mint Creme 0004400004260
Cookies, Sandwich, Red Velvet 0004400004454
Cookies, Sandwich, Lemon Flavor Creme 0004400004387
Potato & Wheat Chips, Bacon 0004400005040
Potato and Wheat Chips, Tabasco Pepper Sauce, Crisp & Thins 0004400005041
Potato & Wheat Chips, Cream Cheese & Onion 0004400005043
Potato and Wheat Chips, Salt & Vinegar 0004400005094
Toasted Chips, Original 0004400005104
Toasted Chips, Sour Cream & Onion 0004400005105
Chips, Toasted, Cheddar 0004400005106
Chips, Toasted, Multigrain 0004400005107
Toasted Chips, Garden Valley Veggie 0004400005109
Crackers, Toasted Pita, Original, Oven Baked 0004400005129
Cookies, Sandwich, Thin & Crispy, Salted Caramel Creme 0004400005125
Cookies, Sandwich, Thin & Crispy, Coconut Creme 0004400005126
Crackers, Everything 0004400005359
Crackers, Original, Family Size! 0004400005169
Crackers, Reduced Fat, Family Size! 0004400005170
Crackers, Cracked Pepper & Olive Oil, Family Size! 0004400005171
Sandwich Cookies, Chocolate 0004400005161
Cookies, Sandwich, Original, Fudge Dipped, Thin Bites 0004400005176
Sandwich Cookies, Fudge Dipped, Mint Creme 0004400005177
Potato and Wheat Chips, Sweet Chili & Sour Cream 0004400005518
Crackers, Summer 0004400005522
Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, Pistachio Creme 0004400005503
Sandwich Cookies, Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie 0004400005579
Snack, Sweet Potato, Family Size 0004400005701
RITZ CRISP & THINS BBQ 0004400005781
Sandwich Cookies, White Fudge Dipped, Original 0004400005802
Sandwich Cookies, Dark Chocolate Flavor Creme 0004400005803
Sandwich Cookies, Carrot Cake 0004400005804
Cookies, Fudge Dipped, Original, Thins Bites 0004400005805
Sandwich Cookies, Chocolate 0004400005842
Cookies, Sandwich, Fudge Covered 0004400005844
OREO EASTER EGG 0004400005866
OREO MOST STUF 0004400005867
Sandwich Cookies, Chocolate, Latte Creme 0004400005870
Sandwich Cookies, Mint Creme, Fudge Covered 0004400005914
Sandwich Cookies, Marshmallow Moon, Chocolate 0004400005955
Sandwiches Cookies, Chocolate, Game of Thrones 0004400006050
Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, Mint Chocolate Chip 0004400005956
Oreo Maple Creme 0004400005957
Ritz Crisp And Thins Buffalo 0004400006018
Ritz Crisp And Thins Jalapeno 0004400006019
Oreo Mystery 0004400006036
Snacks, Reduced Fat, 100% Whole Grain, Family Size! 0004400000430
Snacks, Original, Family Size! 0004400000225
Baked Snack Crackers, Original, Family Size! 0004400000293
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