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NATURAL CHOICE® Deli Meat on the purchase of any ONE (1) HORMEL® NATURAL CHOICE® Deli Meat (4 oz. or larger)

exp: 3/28/2019


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Product UPC
Deli Ham, Cherrywood Smoked 00037600058490
Turkey, Deli, Sun-Dried Tomato 00037600058551
Turkey, Deli, Mesquite 00037600086530
Deli Turkey, Oven Roasted, Fully Cooked/Sliced 00037600132602
Deli Turkey, Smoked, Fully Cooked/Sliced 00037600132640
Ham, Cooked, Deli 00037600132800
Deli Ham, Smoked, Fully Cooked/Sliced 00037600132824
Roast Beef, Deli 00037600132831
Ham, Honey, Deli 00037600260305
Turkey, Honey, Deli 00037600260329
Turkey, Applewood Smoked, Deli 00037600435611
Turkey, Deli, Cracked Black Pepper 00037600455305
Salami, Uncured, Hard, Sliced 00037600516808
Chicken Breast, Rotisserie Seasoned, Deli 00037600593205
Deli Turkey, Oven Roasted, Double Pack 00037600672009
Deli Ham, Honey, Double Pack 00037600672023
Salami, Hard, Uncured 00037600735803
Salami, Genoa, Uncured 00037600790352
Pepperoni, Uncured 00037600790369
Salami, Sopressata, Uncured 00037600790376
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